Earning Money from Home

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Earning Money from Home

Post by jortigas on Tue Jul 20, 2010 7:20 am

One of the most common home based jobs is being a virtual assistant. This job is similar to that of a secretary in the office. Communication with the client is done over the internet via e-mail or software applications that allow online calling.

Another renowned online job is the data entry clerk. It is basically storing details in the computer system in a fast manner. This kind of work needs the employee to have a fast speed in typing and be reliable in putting the correct information and figures. There is no room for mistake in typing figures for it can be a big hassle to the company. Submission of materials should be done on time or as quickly as possible.

Earning money from home by transcribing has been a good source of income. A medical transcriptionist is tasked to make a full written copy of what the physician has tape recorded. There are those who work in hospitals but some prefer to work at home and contact clients through internet communication. A degree is essential plus a three to six months training about the job.

Earning money from home is how writers support their lifestyle before computers were invented. The art of writing has been a home based career ever since. There are a variety of writers writing for different purposes. Some work in firms while some work independently. Thesis makers earn money per project. Other writers do freelance writing in the internet as part time jobs and work full time in publishing firms. Writers receive a median annual income of 58,000 dollars.

Telemarketing can be a home based job. No requirements necessary just guts and a phone. Calling people and delivering scripts can be a source of income. English tutors can also work at home. Tutoring can be done over the phone or through internet chatting. This is popular for Koreans, Japanese and Chinese. Some students or even professionals are too busy to learn English man to man so they do it online or through telecommunications instead.


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Re: Earning Money from Home

Post by Dazzler on Tue Jul 20, 2010 5:05 pm

Great article as always Very Happy. I believe that there are so may opportunities online that all of us are yet to explore. Some are skeptic about it and we cannot blame them as so many have been scammed already. However, if you are careful and you know where to go to look for legit work online/work from home, you'll have more income than your regular day job Very Happy

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