What Would Your Colleagues Say About You?

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What Would Your Colleagues Say About You?

Post by jortigas on Tue Jul 27, 2010 8:27 pm

What would your colleagues say about you, is one of the most challenging job interview questions hiring managers will ask to see if the description you give will synchronize with the impression you want to make. This will also give the hiring manager something concrete to discuss when they call your references.

One of the best ways to prepare and slam dunk this personal question is to call your former colleagues who look on you favorably, to find out how they think about your work and give you some useful material to help you identify who will be a good reference. The hiring manager may check your reference so be honest and consistent with the feedback you give.

Don’t be tempted into using the key descriptors like hardworking as your complete answer because anyone can say that, so show how you were hardworking because having a clear example will help the interviewer easily relate and reflect upon real life situations. Do a little preparation by networking so that you can easily answer this interview question.


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