Abs Exercises Alone Won’t Help You Get Amazing Six Pack Abs

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Abs Exercises Alone Won’t Help You Get Amazing Six Pack Abs

Post by jortigas on Sun May 23, 2010 4:23 pm

A flat abdomen is one of the most coveted physical desires but many ignored one crucial rule in getting a six pack and that is by reducing belly fat so instead of doing tremendous amount of time abdominal exercises, your efforts should be concentrated on doing compound exercises to stimulate your metabolism by using the most amount of muscle as possible.

Many people have the preconceived notion that training for six pack abs means directly doing abdominal exercises. Little did they know that the biggest secret to great abs is getting rid of the fat that covers it, and improving the health of your spine as well and it takes the right combination of mindset, healthy diet, full body resistance training and various types of cardiovascular exercises.

Losing abdominal fat is the hardest area of the body to tone but this is possible by performing cardiovascular exercises as well as weight lifting because this is the best exercise to lose abdominal fat and achieve a toned abdomen as well as the ideal muscle to fat ratio. This can also be frustrating at times but if you set an achievable goal and you work hard and consistent with your exercise routine, you will lose abdominal fat in no time at all.

It is also important to focus on eating the right food when you are working on improving the appearance and function of your abdominal muscles and things you should avoid is easy to spot like products designed for shelf stability with the inclusion of sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Eat the quality protein and food rich in Omega-3 fatty acid which is essential to health, skinless poultry is also good as well as pork and beef.

Eat six small meals instead of 3 huge ones with a good balance diet of carbohydrates and protein to maintain the right insulin and blood glucose levels and protein intake should be maintained to 25 to 35 grams per sitting or at least 1 gram per body weight because your body can only take small amount per meal.

Develop a workout schedule based on your goals and efforts you should put on all muscle groups to give you a nice body shape. Bodybuilding routine should be 3-4 days a week but no more than five because your body and your muscles also need time to rest and grow that’s why you should also get enough sleep.


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