4 Great Top Tips for Upper Body Stretches

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4 Great Top Tips for Upper Body Stretches

Post by jortigas on Sun May 23, 2010 6:15 pm

Upper body stretches is important before and after workout to allow because it will help increase your flexibility and reduce your chance of injury because the muscles to be used in its full range of motion, your muscles need oxygen and well circulated blood flow for it to get the most out of the exercise routine. Stretches can be done after you’ve cooled down from your workout or between sets during strength training and each stretch should feel good. Stretches should be performed at least once and hold it for 10 seconds. Here are some tips you may find very helpful:

1. Forearm stretches

With your arm extended in front of you, raise your wrist. Place your other hand on the tip of your fingers and gently bend back, hold it for 30-60 seconds to complete the forearm stretch and repeat it with your other forearm.

2. Forearm rotators

This should be done by rotating your left hand outwards using your right hand to push the fingers of your left hand in a clockwise direction and back and you can do the same for the opposite arm.

3. Arm Swings

From your side, place your arms outward and move your left arm up to the front and rotate it in circular movements 5 times then rotate it in the opposite direction 5 times as well and repeat it on the other arm.

4. Neck Stretches

Begin by standing or sitting and bending you neck forward bringing your chin together then extend your neck bringing your chin toward the ceiling, flex your neck to the side and bring your ear toward your shoulder. Hold each stretch and feel the stretch in the back, front, and sides of your neck.


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