Marketing Career Fair

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Marketing Career Fair

Post by jortigas on Sat Sep 11, 2010 6:33 pm

Marketing career fairs are held to increase the possibilities of getting hired. The commercial process of selling and distributing products and services is very wide. People are not aware which companies are hiring at the moment. Marketing career fairs recruit applicants. Firms put up booths or tables to cater applicants. Representatives from each firm hand over the application forms and gather them together with the resumes and application letters. Human resources center have contacts to upcoming marketing career fairs. Schools have career placement activities for their respective students.

Marketing career fair tips include knowing the companies that will be in the fair. Organizers of career fairs have a list of the companies that will be joining. Finding out if what companies will be attending the marketing career fair can help you prepare. Knowing the background of each company can help in pre-screening interviews during the fair. Firms prefer those with a little bit of knowledge regarding their business than those who know nothing at all. The event can is educational in the sense that you will be able to know a wide range of job positions. Each company table usually has posters with information about their business. The best thing to do in a career fair is to read the information on the poster before approaching the company recruiter. A pre-screening interview may come as a surprise and the little information you know might be a key for a job offer.

Directors in marketing are high in position. It is their responsibility to manage marketing suppliers, plan, budget, negotiations and developments. Marketing managers manage most of the research, production and distribution. They need marketing assistants to help them out with every aspect. The coordinator does most of the communication and monitoring of implementation. Marketing career fairs offer numerous jobs for marketing officer, executive and promotions manager. The promotions manager works closely on the distribution of samples and planning of on-air advertisements. Promodizers are hired for merchandiser and promotions purposes. This has been a marketing strategy for some companies. Marketing career fairs benefit job seekers. What most job seekers don’t know is that they are already being judged by the company representatives they approach.

Marketing career fairs introduce new positions and new businesses. The advertising industry itself caters jobs for advertising assistants, sales representatives, coordinators, managers, sales publishers, sales managers, promotions specialist, copywriters and directors. Events happen once in a while as organized by events managers and coordinators. Different brands need managers and executives to manage budget, staff and paperwork. The creative design sector has marketing jobs for the creative director, graphic designers and copywriter.

Marketing jobs usually require a bachelor’s degree in marketing, technology and communications. Requirements vary depending on the position applied for. Basic requirements include computer literacy, good communications skills, good interpersonal skills, analytical skills and organizational skills. The ability to do multi-tasking is a plus. The median annual income of marketing professionals also varies depending on the exact profession. Marketing as a whole receives a median annual income of $59,000.

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Re: Marketing Career Fair

Post by Dazzler on Mon Sep 13, 2010 12:51 am

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