products that never sold

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products that never sold

Post by cymbalta on Mon Sep 27, 2010 1:12 am

* "Drill 'Em 'N Fill 'Em" Home Dentistry Kit

* "Boobs in a Bottle" Breast Enlargement Formula

* "Jump-Start" Home Defibrilator: Save someone from a heart attack without the hassle of rushing them to a hospital!

* "Golden Shower" Beer: The only alcoholic beverage made from 100% recycled beer.

* "Time Life Books Presents Home Surgery"

* "'Stripper Fun' Barbie"

* The Book of Mormon, Episode II

* "No Thanks" Trapdoor for Solicitors: Installed with iron spikes, crocodiles cost extra

* "Balz-Off" Testosterone Repressor

* Keychain Belly Rings: Hang your keys on your belly button!

* "'Gynecologist' Ken": Comes with "'Sexy Patient' Barbie"

* "Nice Ass" Jeans

* "'Operating Fun' Barbie": Give Barbie a new heart, lung, or kidney!

* "Other Side" Near-Death Inducing Kit: See your deceased loved ones momentarily! (Caution: May cause irreversible results.)

* "'Star Wars' 'Tearing Attack' Rancor": Comes with limited edition "'Mutilated' Gamorrean Guard"

* "Lung Drano": Cleans out the lungs of the serious smoker!

* "Friday the 13th Part XXXII: Jason Gets Married"

* "Crab Lice Killer"

* "The Flatulence 500": The only car which runs on pure methane.

* "Ernest Goes to Hell" (Yeah, we only wish)

* "Dam-U" Home Curse Kit: Comes with voodoo doll and thirteen (13) pins

* "Rainforest" Brand Christmas Trees

* "Nu-Life" Blood Donation Kit

* "Bobbit" Brand Home Circumcision Kit

* "I Couldn't See Him" Brand Sunglasses

* "'Prostitute' Barbie": Comes with "'Pimp' Ken"

* Sewer Rat Feeders

* "Man's Best Friend" Rabid Watchdogs: For those serious about guarding their house. (Caution: May become irritable.)

* "How to Make the Voices in Your Head Shut Up"

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