How to Obtain the Best Results from Your Bodybuilding Program

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How to Obtain the Best Results from Your Bodybuilding Program

Post by jortigas on Mon May 24, 2010 1:27 pm

To get the best result from your bodybuilding program you have to make sure have you have a healthy heart, healthy kidneys, and healthy liver because if any of these is not working then your bodybuilding program will represent a health hazard and your doctor is the only one who can guarantee that you are physically fit for it. If you decide to enroll in a gym, a trainer will be assigned to give you a suitable program and he will be guiding your progress until you reach your ideal goal of a well defined physique that’s why it is also essential that you talk to him about what you expect to achieve and how long you want to reach it.

You should also maintain a bodybuilding tracking program so that you will get an accurate picture of your own progress in terms of body composition which will measure the effectiveness of your bodybuilding and these measurements includes your weight, body fat percentage, lean body mass, body tape measurements, and photos especially if you’re a beginner because this will provide you with motivation and encouragement. You also have to track nutrition and training journal which will include nutritional intake, supplements, weight training and a lot of factors that can influence your results should be noted in this journal.

In order to get the most out of your routine you should be using a routine geared towards your level and not the professional bodybuilder one and that is by using minimum equipment like a pair of dumbbells and a bench if you choose to do it at home. You should also get enough sleep for your body to repair itself and grow and you should slowly start changing your eating habits into something that is required for successful bodybuilding like a balanced diet consisting of 40% carbohydrates which is the main source of energy, 40% protein which is the building blocks for all tissues in the body, and 20% good fat which is used by the body to manufacture hormone, lubricate the joints, and brain function.

Consistency is the key to successful bodybuilding exercise. Some people failed to succeed because of incorrect application and commitment. To succeed in bodybuilding program you need sacrifice, commitment, dedication, and eagerness to learn because it is the foundation of knowledge that will last a lifetime. In bodybuilding, you should always strive to improve yourself and set up higher goals and your commitment should be coupled with a well-defined and achievable goals.

Be true to yourself because this is an important requirement and don’t cheat on your diet because it is impossible to define useful dietary manipulations without honesty and accuracy so maintain your strict diet.

Maintain a positive attitude during your program because you will have moments of self doubt and you will encounter detractors who will attempt to derail your confidence. Reassure yourself and look for those who believe in you because you will need the strength as you approach the final stage of your program. If you expect to succeed, you must be your best at all times while maintaining a positive attitude and consistency because this will follow you through the end.


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