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Post by cymbalta on Tue Oct 05, 2010 7:37 pm

Charlie, the local country club duffer was the most annoying member of the ritzy golf course and constantly annoyed all of the members by challenging them to rounds of golf. One day he cornered the club pro in the golf shop and promptly challenged him to a round in front of several club members.

The pro was so embarrassed and just angry enough to accept the challenge, but told Charlie that he would have to play heads-up golf with no handicap.

Charlie accepted those terms, but also told the pro that because of his skill and experience the pro would have to give him two "gotchas." Because the pro had never heard this term before, had no idea what it meant, and was too embarrassed to ask, he agreed.

Stepping up to the first hole, the pro gave Charlie first honors and Charlie promptly topped the ball about 50 yards down the fairway. The pro then blasted his tee shot about 300 yards straight down the middle.

After about 10 more dribbling shots, Charlie finally made it to the green and grabbed his putter to finish the hole. As the pro was lining up his first putt, Charlie walked up behind him, grabbed his balls, squeezed, and yelled "GOTCHAAAA!!!" Needless to say, the pro rapped the ball about 30 or 40 feet past the hole and almost off the green.

About 5 hours later, most of the members were waiting in the clubhouse to learn the results of this wildly mismatched challenge. The first to arrive was Charlie... all smiles and happy as a lark, bubbling "I won, I won." A few minutes later, the pro stumbled into the clubhouse looking like he had been through the wars... disheveled, shaking, and looking thoroughly beaten. The astonished members asked him what happened.

The pro looked completely lost and softly whispered, "Have you ever played 17 holes of golf waiting for the second 'GOTCHA'?"

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