the playdoe parable

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the playdoe parable

Post by cymbalta on Tue Oct 26, 2010 10:32 pm

Another rainy day had set in and cabin fever needed to be fought off. Remembering several containers of Play Dough, the resourceful and tired Mom went to the closet for the fun time filler.

With Michael occupied, Mom enjoyed a brief break from constant interaction. She watched as he played with, rolled, cut, made snakes, logs, smashed, reshaped . . . And, as she watched, she saw a parable emerge in her son's hands.

"Michael" she said, breaking into his play. "Do you know how you are like Play Dough?"

"I get under your nails?" He playfully replied, showing a dose of his mom's wit.

"No sweetie, in a different way than that" she joined in the jest, returning his smile, adding a wink.

"How Mom?" Michael asked, digging back into the mold-able clay, his curiosity aroused.

"Well, Play Dough was made to bring people joy, fun. When it is kept off the carpet, and on the table, kept clean and put away it is great for a rainy day."

"Clean hands keep it useful longer. No one wants to play with it if it has sand, rocks or hair in it."

"Oooouuuu" Michael cried out, playing along with his Mom.

"And, Play Dough that is left out becomes hard, difficult to work with, less useful. If we stay out, alone, we harden and are not useful to God.

"You mean no fun?"

"That's right, no fun. But, as long as we stay clean, in God's protective care, we stay useful. God can play with us to make us what He wants us to be."

As Michael dug into his parable toy, his Mom offered a prayer to the Lord that she and Michael would stay soft to the Lord's trustworthy touch. That they would keep from getting gunked up by the world, their own sinful desires and the enemy's schemes to pollute them.

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