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Virtual Assistants

Post by jortigas on Sat Jun 12, 2010 3:43 pm

Virtual assistants became very popular a few years ago and it was made possible by the advancement in technology that's why it's booming. Its popularity grew because it is most sought by people who are already working online. Mothers prefer this kind of job so they can take care of their children while they work. Most virtual assistants work independently and find their clients online. Each client has a specific job description that they want to be followed. Some clients hire virtual assistants on contractual basis. When the contract expires, the client has the prerogative to renew it if he still needs the assistant's services. Being a virtual assistant is like working in the office without commuting. The job is executive management in nature. Marketing skills can be used for this job. The job is not only beneficial for the virtual assistant but to clients who wants to save money on overhead expenses and office space rental.

The different types of companies are the major caterers of jobs for virtual assistants. The beneficial factor is that virtual assistants are both mentally and physically comfortable therefore their works quality can be better than that of a regular employee. Computer firms and pharmaceutical companies hire the most virtual assistants. Another benefit for clients is that they don’t need to create an office space for the employee. Other professionals like doctors and accountants also need virtual assistants for the reason that they can avoid spending too much on electricity and service.

Virtual assistants prepare the paper work for their client using Microsoft word and Microsoft excel. Computer literacy plays an outstanding role in getting hired. Excellent communication skills is a must because clients expects you to write letters in their behalf as well as fast typing speed to note down information and record messages. It is really like an office job because virtual assistants also do ordering of office materials as listed by the client.

A degree is not a requirement but specific skills and knowledge are needed which is why degree holders often gets the job.
The virtual assistant answers the phone, screens the calls that should be directed to the client. Clearness of the voice and active listening is essential for this job to be able to communicate perfectly with the client and callers. Communication is made possible by the Internet and telecommunication and some conference calls services are free in the Internet.

Virtual assistants get a median annual income of 28,000 dollars. Salary depends on the client and the years of service. There is a growing number for this occupation as businesses and professionals are seeing the advantage of having a virtual assistant.


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Re: Virtual Assistants

Post by Dazzler on Fri Jul 30, 2010 9:58 am

I have been a virtual assist for a quite awhile and I have to say that I like it. It's also stressful but it's better than having to work at the office. The pay is definitely better than my previous day job and I work on the comfort of my own home which makes it less toxic Very Happy

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