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Twilight Saga Eclipse Review

Post by Dazzler on Fri Jul 02, 2010 12:19 am

Just got home from watching Twilight Saga Eclipse and I have to say that it was a little disappointing. There weren't any exciting fight scenes like I anticipated. It was so weak. I guess I expected too much from the movie because the trailers were okay. I planned to view it twice and stay longer but I went home right after it was over. And to think that I was even thinking of watching it in 2D which costs twice than regular viewing. Good thing I didn't give in to the temptation that it could be an awesome movie. It is I guess one of the movies I wouldn't want to watch again. Kirsten looks great though. I love her hair and makeup because it made her even more beautiful. It is simple but gorgeous. And she just looks so cute even on jeans and shirts! I hate her for being so pretty lol! ! Taylor is also pretty hot.

The movie revolved on protecting Bella from Victoria's rage. The Cullen's and the werewolves were chasing her however can't seem to take her down (which I find it so unrealistic). They then discovered from Alice that an army of newborn vampires, led by local who was turned by Victoria to help her avenge James, are on their way to hunt Bella. Jacob and his pack volunteered to help the Cullen's stop the army from harming Bella and the town. Now mortal enemies take turn in guarding Bella and Charlie to keep them safe while waiting for the army to attack. When the moment came, the vampires and werewolves succeeded and killed all the newborns but left Jacob badly hurt. He was not killed though and he's going to be okay.

I feel like Bella was so overly protected from someone who was not that powerful at all. Edward killed her in just 5mins! She wasn't that clever... I think it was a complete waste of film focusing on protecting Bella and chasing Victoria. I expected the movie to peak on the fight between the werewolves and the vampires but I was surprised that it wasn't that satisfying. Viewers should be thrilled watching them fight but it didn't happen. I didn't hear a scream or a single squeak. The casts aren't even good at fighting to make it look so real. They didn't look tough at all. How could they when they just looked like regular people with contacts and heavy makeup on. Bryce wasn't a threatening Victoria, sorry. Rachel is more intimidating to play the role.

In fairness to the movie, people bought the humor and enjoyed it pretty much. I give it 5/10 because I enjoyed the funny lines. $30 Million for the first 3 hours of showing is just too much. I think there are going to be other disappointed viewers. No offense I am a big fan of Kristen, Robert, and Taylor. I am just another follower who is not happy with the movie, not on the actors personally.

What do you think of the movie and how would you rate it? You are free to post your reactions here but respect other member's opinion.

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