Is Sales Job for You?

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Is Sales Job for You?

Post by jortigas on Fri Aug 13, 2010 3:48 pm

You don’t need to be silver tongued and wear shiny shoes to be a successful salesperson. In this age of specialization even salespeople are made if you how to learn practical skills and continually improve your knowledge about the product and services you and your company is selling. Create ways to get feedback of your performance by taking courses and seminars and always do networking because many sales were made because of a social event. Determine your goals and establish benchmark to make sure you’re on the right track. Increase your self-confidence and always have a winning attitude, and the persistence of improving your effectiveness by listening to your client’s needs and meeting deadlines. Mistakes will give you the opportunity to improve your mistakes and learn from it so give yourself the chance to recharge your batteries so that you can employ new strategies by searching for new trends in your industry.

Job seekers who hunt for these sales jobs must be ambitious, enthusiastic and results driven. They must be able to work independently, possess great skills in handling people and must be also a multi task oriented. Being energetic and dynamic are also important qualities that must be possess by those looking for sales jobs. The salaries and incentives being offered for these jobs are attractive and good. These positions offer advancement opportunities, competitive compensation and benefits for successful applicants. Companies also offer incentive program as well as opportunities for personal training and development. Most successful employees and high earner individuals are from sales and marketing teams. These positions eventually lead to greater opportunities and higher designations and positions. Sales jobs can be searched in different websites so start hunting now for sales jobs that suits you.

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Re: Is Sales Job for You?

Post by Dazzler on Mon Sep 13, 2010 12:49 am

Oh yeah I think the sales job is for me Very Happy. I like sales because you meet new people and you learn a lot of what's going on in the market. Great post janet! That's why you are the consultant Very Happy

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