distraction methods *** please read before taking action!***

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distraction methods *** please read before taking action!***

Post by cymbalta on Fri Oct 22, 2010 5:10 pm

before i post this, i'll tell you now that i am against some of the ideas listed.

from personal experience, only a few of these work, but i'll post the whole lot, because it is diffrent for everyone.

Distraction Methods to keep yourself from self-harming.

* hold and squeeze some ice cubes in your hands
* draw pictures of something that is bothering you / who is bothering you
* draw red lines on the area you want to cut
* listen to music
* go for a walk outside
* wear an elastic band on your wrist and snap it onto skin
* call a friend or organize going out with a friend
* use a screwdriver or knife and stab at a piece of wood
* do sport/exercise
* scream and shout outside extremely loudly
* cry - it is allowed
* if you want to stop self harming - sit down make a list of the reasons why you wish to stop
* punch a cushion repeatedly until exhausted
* keep repeating a prayer or poem that you like over and over again
* break the instrument that you use to harm yourself with - it shows that you have the control over it - it doesn't have control over you
* try and find creative outlets for your pent up emotions
* deep breathing techniques coupled with relaxation techniques ( see bottom of post for a relaxation technique.)
* write a letter to an imaginary person (or on here) about how you feel - why you feel so upset
*watch television
*listen to music

One way to quit self-harming

This is the way I have been cut-free for 7 months. I was told to go get my "object" and hold it in my hand once I had the urge to cut. Withstand the urge
to cut as much as you can. You may break and not be able to do it for very long at all, but as soon as you can't take it any longer, put it down and let
the urge fade by using one of the distracting methods above. You may not succeed at first, but you will eventually. Each time you go and pick it up, try
and hold it for longer periods of time until you can be by it comfortably throughout the day without cutting. Once you've done this, just gradually refrain
from even going to hold the object or touch it period when you've got the urge.

Relaxation Method

First off, lay down somewhere you feel safe and comfortable. Let your body relax. Start with your toes and let everything just melt into the surface you're
laying on. Let it work its way up your body all the through your lower body, to the abdomen, through the tip of your fingers and up the to top of your
head. Once you have your body fully relaxed imagine someone you love dearly wrapping their arms around you and telling you it'll be okay. Then let them
take your hand, put yourself on a beach or something of the sort, and walk down the beach just talking, holding hands and enjoying the moment. Forget about
everything that's bothering you and let the relaxation settle in and stay settled.

If you have any other ways to quit, to distract, or to relax, feel free to post them below! I hope this helps.

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