Building Muscle For Sex Appeal - Focus on These 3 Muscle Groups

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Building Muscle For Sex Appeal - Focus on These 3 Muscle Groups

Post by jortigas on Sun May 23, 2010 5:52 pm

Men and women build muscles to look and feel good because muscular fitness means strength, endurance, and flexibility without injuring yourself but many consider muscle building for sex appeal.

There are three muscle groups that appeal to women and these are the pecs, the abs, and the biceps because it defines your body shape and plays the biggest part in creating the initial impression.

The Pecs
Start with push-ups and do as many as you can for one minute, and do another two sets after two minutes rest and once your body is strong enough, move on to free weights and just do enough to make you tired after 8 reps. Use a slightly lighter weight for chest flies and only work with enough resistance to make you tired after 8 reps and when you become advanced in your pecs you can try powerful exercises like the clap push-ups.
The Abs

Include weight training with cardiovascular workout and nutritional program to develop great abs since many have failed with training because nutrition and cardio are not in the program. Since most men carry body fat in the oblique the only way to get visible abs is to exercise your muscles, burn the fat off with cardio exercise to give you a star-studded upper body that women will love to see.

The Biceps

It is the biceps that attracts women whether women admit it or not, they find it hard to keep their eyes off men with toned arm, and killer biceps because it represents strength and power that they love about men.

The key to having toned biceps and shoulders is repetition of as many sets as you can with light weight because this will shape your arms. Focus on the exercises around the biceps and do light lifting one day and focus on heavy lifting the next and always remember to give time to rest for your muscles to recover and grow and don’t forget to do cardio everyday and don’t skip it because it works hand in hand with getting the biceps that you want.


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